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Blowing Bubbles

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Blowing Bubbles 

We provide a fantastic diving experience in Mozambique, as well as other outdoor activities such as snorkelling and hiking. At our expert on-site dive center Blowing Bubbles, choose from relaxing diving, diving classes, or something unique like underwater photography and shark diving, or relax in our resort accommodation

For those of you who want to start scuba diving or continue your diving education while you're with us, we have an instructor on hand. We also collaborate with a number of diving schools in South Africa and Maputo, so please inquire if you'd like to finish your dive course before coming to us and require us to connect you with a dive school or instructor. 

Some of Our Outings 

Due to its remarkable high wall topography, the 3 Sisters is one of the most popular diving destinations. Angler fish, Garden Eels, Crocodile fish, Egg shell shrimps, and a giant resident Honeycomb Eel, as well as many various varieties of Nudibranchs, make this an excellent place for all types of photography. 

The Anchor is a spectacular ledge with Trumpet fish, Royal angelfish (exclusive to this site), and the odd sighting of the local Grey reef shark, as well as an abundance of anenomes. 

For the more experienced diver, the Atlantis dive brings you to a reef. For its large symmetrical rectangular blocks, it's also known as Lego Land. Black coral, green coral tree, Spanish dancers, Sea Apples, and, of course, sharks of various varieties such as the Tiger, Hammerhead, and Bull sharks, to name a few. 

The Blacks dive takes you to a Macro Photography-friendly cleaning station. Black Cheek eels, Pipe fish, and Leaf fish abound in this area. 

Because of its depth and variety of juvenile and adult fish species, the Crèche is a great first-time sea diver's delight. It is well-known for its large Stone fish. Fantastic reef for photography. 

Doodles is a world-famous dive location known for its abundance of friendly Potato Bass, which provide the diver with a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with them. Manta rays, game fish, at least eight different species of rays, Ghost Pipe fish, Angler fish, and Devil Fire fish all call this place home. The abundant shoals of Snapper and Dusky Sweepers are a highlight. This is a dive site that you must include to your logbook. 

The natural beauty of soft and hard corals and sponges, as well as the vibrant turtle life and geometry of gulleys and ledges, make the Drop Zone a must-see. 

The Pinnacles is a world-famous shark diving location. Up to 9 shark species can be seen while diving with wild sharks - no baited diving)! Tiger, Bull, Blacktip, Silvertip, Dusky, Spinners, Java, Leopard, Grey Reef, and the lovely Hammerheads. On every dive, divers report seeing five different shark species. This spot is world class, with resident potato bass, Eagle and Devil Rays, and an abundance of game fish. It is a definite must for your log book. 

The Steps is a fantastic drift dive on a 1.5-kilometer-long reef with an incredible diversity of caverns, ledges, and fish species. A photographer's dream come true.

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