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At Africa Adventure we believe travel starts at home, checking out destinations, putting your priorities in order while planning your trip and having lots of fun doing so. We're obsessively passionate about travelling Africa, and our mission is to help you to do exactly that - TRAVEL AFRICA!

We focus on inspiring up to date information and are excited to simplify your holiday experience from the very beginning. You can browse the ever growing My Africa Adventure by map, country or keyword and get a feeling of what awaits you out there in Africa. Best of all, we are not hiding any contact details of any place listed on Africa Adventure! On the contrary, we ask you to deal directly from the beginning, because it's part of having fun planning your trip and getting the best travel deals possible.

Enya Fehler

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Enya's Bio

As a co-founder and MD of Africa Adventure, Enya is responsible for setting company strategy and managing the team. Enya, originally from Germany, is passionate about Africa and immigrated to South Africa in 1995. Since then she travelled and still travels Southern Africa extensively. With over 25 years experience in digital tourism marketing she knows how to reach travellers in the decision making phase, while still at home, long before the booking process starts. Enya has certifications in multiple industries, from engineering and business administration to tourism. She also is a registered Tourist Guide for the three Cape Provinces in South Africa as well as an active NAUI Scuba Diving instructor.

Enya's Favourites
  • Being out on safari in the African Bush
  • Scuba Diving - Underwater Explorations
  • Riding motorbike off the beaten track
  • Good food, especially Sushi and Oysters
Fun Facts
  • Mantra: Everything happens for a reason!
  • Movies: Star Trek & Star Wars saga
  • Know for sure: We are not alone in the universe
  • Wisdom: Respect Nature - it's our mother!

Andrea Doerfert

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Andrea's Bio

Living since 1998 in South Africa, German-born Andrea is the creative director of Africa Adventure with a passion for travelling, a masters in graphic design and more than two decades of experience in travel website design. She likes to communicate visually rather than verbally and is responsible for the design of Africa Adventure's travel portals as well as social media channels.

Andrea's Favourites
  • Any sunny, excotic destination
  • The African bush
  • Barcelona with its Gaudi buildings
  • My bed
Fun Facts
  • Mantra: No Nonsense!
  • Comedian: Otto Walkes & Loriot

Wendy Engela

Online Membership Listings

Wendy's Bio

Wendy has 7 years experience in the tourism industry working for various lodges and booking agents. She has been working for Africa Adventure since 2018. Wendy has a passion for nature and the conservation of the forested areas of South Africa. She brings this same passion to the work she does for the members of Africa Adventure. Her favourite tourism places in South Africa are the lowveld of Mpumalanga, the KwaZulu Natal coast and the Garden Route for its lush forests, abundant wildlife and all the beautiful and unique landscapes. 

Wendy's Favourites
  • White Water Rafting
  • Ziplining through the forest
  • Music festivals
Fun Facts
  • Mantra: Stay calm and look for the cat
  • Interests: Dabbling in Herbalism and behavioral psychology
  • Movies: Event Horizon, Now You See Me, Ender's Game
  • Authors: Raymond E. Feist, Graham Masterton, James Herbert

Nazlee Essa

Destination Expert - East Africa

Nazlee's Bio

Nazlee has over 20 years of experience as a Travel Consultant; working with companies such as Rennies Travel, American Express Travel and Tompsons Travel and Tours. During this time, she has travelled extensively and gained the experience to become a professional in her field. She is passionate about building and maintaining strong client relationships with an enthusiastic approach to customer satisfaction. Nazlee is inspired daily by her husband and their two children. In her free time she likes to watch Home Make Over videos or 5 minute hack clips on YouTube.

Nazlee's Favourites
  • Traveling - especially Seychelles and Mauritius and spending time in a relax hotel
  • Beach - sitting with my feet in the sand and staring at the waves
  • A pot of tea and a good paranormal romance book
  • Having friends and family over for a meal
  • A good back and neck massage
Fun Facts
  • Fun: I love to dress up as a witch for Halloween
  • Embarrassing: My stomach does not appreciate roller coaster rides
  • Hobbies: Fishing, camping, reading
  • Secret: I love airline food and I am always passport ready
  • Movies: Aliens, Day After Tomorrow, Avengers, XMEN

The Beginnings

In 1994 a seismic shift happened in South Africa - the old apartheid government lost the elections to the ANC (African National Congress) and Nelson Mandela became president of the Republic of South Africa. Motivated by the new beginnings at the southern tip of Africa, Enya immigrated in 1995 from Germany to Cape Town and started a scuba diving business. Besides the dive school, her main focus was to take German divers to the most exhilarating dive sites along South Africa's coastline. By planning those dive tours it became painfully obvious that there was no or very little information available - not in print and definitely not on the (at that time infant) internet. From there it was logically to change the "information deficit" about travelling South Africa and soon after Africa Adventure was born. The rest they say, is history.

The Legal Stuff

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