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Bogenfels and Diamonds Tours

NamibiaNamib & SwakopmundWalvis Bay Atlantic Street, Unit B, Waterfront, Walvis Bay


Bogenfels & Diamonds Tours 

Steeped in century old diamond history, ghost towns, abandoned mining equipment and tales of untold riches vie for the attention of curious adventurers. With a booking office in Walvis Bay, our Bogenfels & Diamonds Tours is the exclusive tourism concession holder to the Sperrgebiet area south of Luederitz and welcomes you to unique excursions and experiences in this history-rich area of the Tsau //Kaeb National Park. 

We offer multilingual tours in English, Afrikaans and German. Please confirm your nationality and preference upon booking. 

Our Adventures 

Join one or all of our exciting adventures and guided tours for which we will pickup our guests from their places of accommodation. We specifically cater for persons with disabilities. Alternatively, come and explore the Namib desert as well as the Atlantic ocean with our affiliate companies Sandwich Harbour 4x4 and Catamaran Charters.

4x4 selfdrive adventure: Pomona & Bogenfels - 2 days with overnight. This guided two-day overnight selfdrive adventure in a 4x4  is well-suited for those who wish to explore the fascinating desert to the south of Lüderitz in the comfort of their own vehicle, combined with an overnight camping in one of the deserted ghost towns ensconced deep in diamond history. 

We will meet you at your accommodation, do a short briefing after which we'll drive to a control point at Kolmanskop for registration and proceed to the entrance gate of the Tsau //Kaeb National Park. From their we will pass the site where the a sparkling gem was found that set off the diamond rush to the area. Onwards towards the first dunes and along the former railway line that linked Kolmanskop with Pomona and Bogenfels more than a 100 years ago. The remnants of old sidings where materials were offloaded in support of mining activities bear testimony to the harsh conditions in which prospectors and miners operated in this forbidden area. Driving onward through the diverse desert terrain and vegetation your guide will chat about the fascinating mysteries of the time. Heading towards the coast where old buildings and the remains of a desalination plant can be viewed. Late afternoon we will set up camp and start a fire for supper at the ghost town of Pomona. The abandoned houses of this mining settlement make picturesque subjects to photograph. Enjoy fabulous stargazing with possible visits of hyenas and jackals. On day 2 we will explore the diamond area and visit the Dome cave before reaching the majestic, 55 metres tall Bogenfels arch above the rugged coast. 

Bogenfels and Diamonds Excursion - 9 hours. Join us for a guided day-tour from Luderitz southwards through the Sperrgebiet, stopping at ghost towns where desert sands have built up and attempted to reclaim their land, causing roofs to fall in and walls to crumble. The highlight of the tour is Bogenfels, a massive rock arch that straddles the coastline and sea, comparable to a 20-storey building. The desert around Luderitz is steeped in diamond history. Tales of diamond smuggling and intrigue abound, and the sands cover and uncover remnants of the lives of those intrepid folk who ventured into this remote arid region to live in the small mining towns scattered amongst the gravel plains of Namibia's Diamond Coast. 

E-Bay Diamond History Excursion - approx. 4 hours. Often forgotten in the shadow of its ghost town counterpart Kolmanskop, Elizabeth Bay was another lucrative diamond mining town that is worth exploring. It feels closer to urban exploration, and its decrepit buildings and machinery tell of a dark, greedy history. E-Bay was developed between 1924 and 1926, with a number of engineers, technicians, hundreds of artisans from Germany and local workers recruited to build the plant. All materials and every piece of equipment needed had to be transported by railways from Luderitz. After having produced 1.25 million carats of diamonds, the Great Depression caused a complete shutdown in 1931, with the residential part of E-Bay being finally abandoned in 1940. Mining activities at E-Bay thereafter continued on-and-off, with a new owner taking over the mine in 2021. 

Upon arrival at E-Bay we conduct a tour through the abandoned village area and visit the extensive separation plant as well as view the remains of a huge entertainment hall and casino overlooking the ocean.  The village also contrasts rows of housing for miners, and large, overcrowded sleeping quarters for local workers. We view the south-facing bay and discuss the historic role of Possession island recognisable in the distance in early diamond mining and guano harvesting. You are encouraged to also explore the remains of the village on foot to take advantage of spectacular photographic motives, or just to reminisce about the past. Coffee, tea and biscuits will be served at the house of the mine manager, where you can study static informational displays.



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