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Zanzibar, the trendy travel destination off the Tanzanian coast in the Indian Ocean is a true paradise for nature-lovers. is a comprehensive resource about eco-tourism in Zanzibar and neighbouring travel destinations such as Tanzania mainland, Kenya, Uganda, Pemba Island, and Mafia Island that you can easily combine with Zanzibar for your holidays.

Even though it is not as well established in Zanzibar as in other travel destinations, there is now an increasing number of accommodation and activity providers concerned about ecotourism, trying to optimize their offers to eco-friendliness and social sustainability. This website aims at offering you a comprehensive overview about the existing ecotourism offers in Zanzibar, and making them easily bookable online.

You can of course also combine a stay in Zanzibar with a holiday at neighbouring travel destinations, which are fascinating for nature enthusiasts, including Tanzania mainland, Kenya, Uganda, and other Indian Ocean islands off the African mainland coast, including Pemba (which is part of the Zanzibar archipelago) and Mafia Island.

The focus is however on Zanzibar, the tropical archipelago, which is a semi-autonomous republic and part of Tanzania. It alone can count with a rich variety of habitats including paradise sandy and rocky coasts, coral rag forest, groundwater forest, mangroves, coral reef and seagrass beds, plus many different animal and plant species, out of which many are indigenous.

The Wildlife

Zanzibar is know for its great marine life. It is a breeding and hatching environment for the Green Turtle. You can often observe dolphins, whale sharks and whales. Zanzibar also has fascinating land animals, including the indigenous Red Colobus Monkeys, the huge bats called “Pemba Flying Fox”, massive coconut crabs, and many reptiles, amphibians and mammals. Particularly the mangrove areas and forest are bird lover’s paradises with birds such as Fish Eagles, Pemba Sunbirds, Roseate Terns, Fischer’s Turacos, Brown-Headed Parrots and Pemba Scops Owl.

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