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Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

South AfricaGarden RoutePlettenberg Bay N2, next to Plettenberg Bay Puzzle Park


Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary 

If you're looking for things to do in Plettenberg Bay - you can admire the majestic big cats of the world – Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Pumas and Jaguars. The animals - at their forever home – Jukani, have been rescued or re-homed from facilities that could no longer care for them. At Jukani they can now explore their large natural habitat, designed and built around each individual animal’s needs. They are free of exploitation and the stress caused by human interaction. They can be appreciated and photographed in all their magnificence.

On your 80-minute walking safari with one of our knowledgeable guides you will also find Raccoons, a Honey badger, Caracal, an African polecat, some Zebra and Springbok and predators such as the Spotted Hyena. The lightning fast Cheetah and agile tree climbing Pumas are a delight to see. You will find hope in here and be made aware of the plight of these animals – realising that through lifestyle changes and choices you can contribute to a chance at a better future for them.

Our wildlife sanctuary is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Wheelchair accessible. All Weather facility – during rain you will get wet.

Many places offer the opportunity for wildlife selfies and wildlife interaction. Wild animals don’t like noisy, chaotic environments, and they most definitely don’t like to be harassed and passed on from tourist to tourist. At Jukani we chose not to be part of this ugly picture. We don’t condone wildlife interaction at any of our SAASA sanctuaries, and we actively fight for animal rights tourism by educating the visitors about the plight of wild animals, the harmful pet-play-and-pay practices they should stay clear of and we encourage our patrons to support the hands off our wildlife innitiative – together we CAN make a difference.

It is vital to educate the youth and teach them to respect animals and treat them with kindness. It is very difficult to change the behaviour and mindset of the older generation. If we don’t shape the minds of the younger generation now, many more species will become extinct before the youth become adults.

We teach humans to care.

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  • South AfricaGarden RoutePlettenberg Bay
  • N2, next to Plettenberg Bay Puzzle Park
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