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Northern Uganda

UgandaNorthern Region


Northern Uganda

Some of the best national parks are situated in the North of Uganda. Tourist attractions include Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park as well as Mount Elgon. Uganda is one of the few destinations where you can see endangered mountain gorillas living in their natural habitat. Combine gorilla viewing with a savannah safari, mountain trekking and excellent birdwatching whilst enjoying beautiful panoramic views. 

The Murchison Falls National Park is the largest conservation area in the country where many activities can be enjoyed and the highest number of chimpanzees can be found at Rabongo Forest while trekking in Uganda. Another popular activity is a boat cruise to the base of the Murchison falls to view one of the world’s mightiest rivers, the Victoria Nile, and strongest waterfalls, located between Lake Albert and Lake Kyoga. You will be able to see a variety of African wildlife such as elephants, buffaloes and hippos while crossing the delta area. 

Kidepo Valley National Park is in the wild frontier region of Uganda and one of the best wilderness areas in Africa. Here you will find some endangered species of wildlife while on safari. This national park derives its name from the seasonal Kidepo river that flows north into South Sudan. The best way to explore the river and the surrounding wilderness would be on a walking safari or a game drive to discover the beauty of Uganda. Kidepo has a savannah landscape and is surrounded by a few mountains one of which is Mount Morungole. This is a sacred place for the former ancestral home of the Ik people however it is also popular for extreme adrenalin adventures. The hike to Mount Morungole is an opportunity for photographers to take amazing pictures of the entire valley and the stunning land. 

In the Karamoja region, some 450 unique bird species can be found, which makes it a great destination for bird watching expeditions. Here you will also find the Karamojongs and other great tribes. They are livestock farmers who hold their traditional and cultural beliefs in very high esteem. A visit to this area can be arranged and this is where travellers can share life experiences, learn about survival skills in the wilderness and explore the authentic lifestyle of an indigenous African community. 

Mount Elgon is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and an extinct, 24 million years old volcano which is located on the boarder of Eastern Uganda and Western Kenya. It is 80 kilometers in diameter and rises 3070 meters above the surrounding plains. The highest peak of Africa’s eighth highest mountain is known as Wagagai Peak and lies in the Ugandan side of the mountain. The mountain is a catchment area for many rivers which supplies water to millions of people in the region. 

You don't need expert skills or equipment to climb Mount Elgon's gradual slopes up to the peak on the crater rim. Trekkers will be pleased with the panoramic view of the gorges, caves and waterfalls along the route and there is less risk of altitude sickness. Visitors who do not wish to go trekking can explore the foothills on excellent hikes. Explore the caves as well as Sipi Falls and if you are lucky you might be able to see black and white colobus monkeys and some rare bird species in the forest.


  • UgandaNorthern Region

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