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Cape Winelands

South AfricaCape Winelands


Cape Winelands 

The Winelands region around Stellenbosch, also known as the Boland, is only one of the important wine-growing regions in South Africa, and it is the oldest and most beautiful, dating from the 18th century. Franschhoek, Paarl and Stellenbosch are all historically important and attractive towns and each promotes a wine route through the surrounding estates. The popularity of wine has extended the traditional wine regions to the romantic town of Tulbagh in the north and along the Route 62 from Worcester through Robertson to Montagu and to Calitzdorp in the Karoo.

The Winelands offer the ultimate holiday sensation, filled with scenic landscapes, historical monuments and spectacular activities. The mountain slopes and valleys not only provide a dramatic background, but also form the ideal habitat for the wine grape. Summer in the Cape Winelands is also synonymous with harvest season.

Stellenbosch is a town for all seasons and is the heart of South Africa's wine industry. It was founded in 1679 by Simon van der Stel and is the second oldest town in South Africa. The Stellenbosch Wine Route is arguably the country's most famous, and the Stellenbosch Wine of Origin area includes 106 cellars - most of which are open to the public.

The Riebeek Valley is one of the little gems of the Winelands. It reminds so much of Provence in France: the same landscape, colours, olive groves and vineyards, the same gastronomic highlights, but its own unique charm.

The name Franschhoek literally means "a little corner of France". The French Huguenots settled here more than 300 years ago to escape religious persecution. The Huguenot Memorial Museum and the Huguenot Memorial Monument in Franschhoek honour their settlement and are worth a visit.

Wellington is the centre for the dried fruit industry and in early summer you can see row upon row of bright orange apricot halves soaking up the sun.

The Afrikaans Language Monument situated in Paarl and erected 1975, is the only language monument in the world.


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