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South & West Coast

ReunionSouth & West Coast


South & West Coast 

Reunion is a French overseas department and region which forms part of the Mascarene Islands or Mascarenhas Archipelago. While French is the official language, many people of different ethnic groups - of African, Indian, European, Malagasy and Chinese origin, who are living harmoniously together on Reunion Island, also speak Reunion Creole. 

Reunion’s west coast offers pure relaxation. Here you can de-stress at tropical and unique beaches, in stunning scenery, with spa treatments, yoga or outdoor activities and indulge in delicious cuisine. 

Must See and Do 

Just to name a few of the endless activities you can engage in - A sailing trip with dolphin encounters, whale watching on land or in the sea, with a chance to also spot a leatherback turtle; horse riding in Guillaume near the city of Saint-Paul, snorkelling or scuba diving at coral reefs in a marine reserve; paragliding, paddling in transparent canoes and much more. Visit the huge, landscaped palms park at Tampon or a Vetiver plantation in St Joseph where they grow the Vetiver grass for perfume production. 

For getting around you can choose between rental cars, motorbikes and camper vans. The latter come in very handy to get to your favourite hiking spot at sunrise or to enjoy watching the sun setting over the Indian Ocean and the beach.


  • ReunionSouth & West Coast

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