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Southern Region

MadagascarSouthern Region


Southern Madagascar 

There won’t be a dull moment on your holiday in Madagascar as you will be spoilt for choice. 

Admire the 12 giant, over 800 years old baobab trees at the Baobab Alley near the coastal town of Morondava. On a hike in Tsimanampetsotsa Nature Reserve on the south-west coast of Madagascar you can also see some ancient baobabs as well as rare bird species and flamingos in Lake Tsimanampetsotsa, amongst others. 

Experience a vast rainforest on hikes of different lenght through the Ranomafana National Park near the town of Fianarantsoa and spot some lemurs as well as different birds. 

Whilst the national park of Andringitra is home to the second highest peak in Madagascar and offers great landscapes of protected mountains and rain forests, different types of birds and mammals, including Lemur species, as well as a diverse flora and picturesque villages, the Andohahela National Park with its three different climates and an unbelievable rich fauna and flora is also waiting to be discovered. 

An absolute must is a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Zafimaniry art and architecture located in a mountain region 40km south-east of Ambositra. Experience the Zafimaniry culture, their architectural style, their legendary wood carved houses and crafts on a walking tour through their auhtentic villages, starting at Antoetra. 

If you travel to the South-East coast you will get to another UNESCO World Heritage site, Fort Dauphin which is also known as Tolagnaro and situated in the foothills of the Saint Louis peak. Enjoy walks in and around this socalled city at world's end, with its many cultural and historical sites in spectacular, diverse landscapes, ranging from beaches and reserves with a rich flora and fauna to natural swimming pools and a bamboo forest.


  • MadagascarSouthern Region

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