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Africa Nature Photography and Safaris

Africa Nature Photography and Safaris 

Jambo! We are Africa Nature Photography and Safaris, your travel experts who craft unforgettable adventures and private safaris in Tanzania. We invite you, your family and all your friends to come and explore the wilderness areas of this beautiful country, its abundant wildlife as well as the warm hospitality of Tanzanian people, and make wonderful memories to cherish forever. 

All our safari programs can be customized based around you, your interests, travel preferences, budget and time frame. We pride ourselves in designing safari itineraries matching the movement of the animals in the destinations that you have chosen to travel. Our experienced photo oriented team offer the best African photo safari tours in Tanzania and our guides provide the perfect opportunity for every participant to discover, photograph and treasure the most prized and abundant wildlife areas in our beautiful east African country. 

Some of Our Destinations 

The Serengeti National Park - Feel the pulse of the plains as you witness millions of wildebeest and zebras thunder across the Serengeti, whilst enjoying the finest hospitality and superb crowd-free wildlife viewing. Simply one of the best safari experiences, this migration safari to Grumeti River in the western corridor of the Serengeti takes advantage of the great migration when the area is bursting with wildlife, including nomadic predators from other drier parts of the Serengeti visiting this popular area to ensure their own survival. Alternatively, join one of our exclusive Serengeti photo safari tours designed specifically for nature and photography enthusiast wishing to explore and photograph wildlife as well as the stunning scenery of one of the best destinations for wildlife photography on earth - The Serengeti National Park, and surrounds. 

The Ngorongoro Crater offers some of the greatest wildlife viewing and photography opportunities to one of the world’s most astonishing and renowned natural wonders. The vastness and beautiful setting of this distinctive eco-system are truly overwhelming and the best place to visit. This wildlife safari provides one of the best opportunities in Africa to view black rhino, which tends to spend their time on the crater floor. Another big draw is the dense population of predators, which include lions, hyenas, jackals and small cats. We will also visit the hippo pool near the Mandusi Swamp, Lake Magadi in the southwestern corner which is one of the main features of the crater, the Lerai forest and more. 

Tarangire National Park - Only a few wildlife sanctuaries anywhere in the continent are able to offer characteristically African natural environments of the kind to be seen throughout this national park. The woodlands are dotted with gigantic baobabs trees and some of the most essential icons of Africa’s wildlife can be found easily; plenty of migratory mammals typical of the plains, big herds of elephants and buffalos as well as the big cats and mighty predators. 

About Our Safaris 

If you are looking for the best safaris in Tanzania, then our wide choices of safari itineraries are impossible to beat. With a great mix of stunning national parks and brilliant game viewing locations, we are sure to give you that once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

We have got a great selection of extraordinary tours for you to choose from, allowing you to see a wide variety of wildlife in their natural habitat, watching in awe as wildebeests cross the endless plains of the Serengeti during the famous migration that will leave an indelible imprint on your memory from your holiday in Tanzania. 

Each one of our safari destinations offers unique opportunities to explore on a genuine African Safari. We can work with you to tailor-make the perfect safari to your liking.

Biko Adventures Tours

Biko Adventures Tours 

We make your African safari memorable. The passionate tour specialist from Arusha, Biko Adventures Tours, is a boutique company specializing in leisure travel to Tanzania, Zanzibar Island and East African countries. 

Our aim is simple: To share our passion, in-depth knowledge, travel experience in Africa and to help fulfill travellers’ lifelong dream of journeying to the continent that we call home. We strive to give our clients authentic and enriching experiences based on our first-hand knowledge of the safari destinations. 

Tours and Travels 

We specialize in providing individual, tailor-made and small group custom designed trips as well as pre-packaged tours. 

We create itineraries of every possible interest, from family travel, honeymoons, golfing and spa trips to wine, culinary tours and cultural excursions. Our special interest safaris include gorilla trekking, elephant safaris, horse safaris, walking safaris, camping safaris, balloon safaris in the Serengeti, trekking Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Mount Oldonyo Lengai and Mount Kenya, beach holidays to the islands of the Zanzibar Archipelago, to Mombasa and more.

Come! Explore the possibilities with us! Set out on the journey you’ve always dreamed of. We give you an exceptional experience you’ll treasure a lifetime. We will take you to Africa - the best place to be.

Capricorn Tours

Capricorn Tours 

We invite you to the fascinating, contrasting and breathtaking southern Africa! A large selection of extensive wildlife parks and nature reserves offers the visitor a fantastic spectrum of African fauna, flora and untouched nature.

Experience the impressive diversity of Namibia in comfortable accommodation on a guided tour - the contrasting Kalahari, the Fish River Canyon in the deep south of the country, the dunes of the enchanting Namib, Namibia's rough Atlantic coast with Lüderitz Bay and Swakopmund in the west, to the settlements of the Owahimba and the animal-rich Etosha National Park in the north. In addition, the wide Damaraland with the historical rock engravings of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Twyfelfontein; get to know the cultural and ethnic diversity of the different peoples of the country and the relics of the colonial era.

Learn about the cultural and ethnic diversity of the country's different peoples and the relics of the colonial era. The sun in the deep blue sky, the experience of boundless expanse and the splendor of colors of the landscape will be remembered for a long time.

With the shared passion for photography, a trained eye, specialist knowledge and the knowledge to be in the right place at the right time to optimally capture unique moments, we accompany you on your personal photo tour of a special kind.

The ornithological journeys lead to selected areas and combine the identification of bird species, behavioral observation and bird photography. Small tour groups guarantee an intensive experience of nature and our expert tour guides provide optimal support. Our guides are qualified field ornithologists who provide the participants with in-depth knowledge of modern identification technology. The travel destinations and excursion routes are chosen in such a way that the widest possible range of species is recorded in the most varied of typical habitats. It is not necessarily a question of drawing up a long list of species, but above all of the quality of the observations.

With a large number of our fly-in safaris, your pilot is also your guide. This is a unique concept and guarantees you an exclusive travel experience. We would be happy to create an individual fly-in safari according to your wishes!

Enya's Travel Adventures

Enya's Travel Adventures in Southern Africa

Born and raised in Germany, I developed a deep fascination for Africa already as a child because of the popular African wildlife show of Bernhard Grzimek broad-casted on German TV.

After emigrating from Germany to South Africa in 1995 I spent the first 2 years exploring every corner of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe in my 32-year-old Land Rover. My travels brought me deep inside the endless deserts of Namibia, into the wilderness areas of the Okavango Delta and the Chobe National Park in Botswana and to the spectacular Victoria Falls. Adventure is in my blood, so I bungee jumped from the bridge over the Zambezi and tackled the white waters of this wild river more than once.

In between my travels to remote places I became a scuba diving instructor and opened a dive travel operation in Cape Town. To this day, my clientele demands thrilling underwater experiences and my customised dive tours take you all the way from Cape Town to Mozambique.

In early 1998 I launched the first Internet portal for adventure travel in Southern Africa and never lost my excitement for travelling Southern Africa, resulting in regular trips into the wilderness of Southern Africa.

My passion for "off the grid" travel has led to guided self-drive tours (tag-along tours) where I guide a group of adventure seeking, nature loving self-drive travellers to the most stunning and remote locations in Southern Africa. Those tours are undertaken in fully equipped 4x4 off road vehicles or on reliable offroad motorbikes .

On request of many of my travel companions I added recently a midi bus to my fleet, which was converted into a spacious touring bus for not more than 10 people offering private groups the option to enjoy the "road trip" together in comfort.

A luxurious Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is the vehicle of choice for smaller groups / individuals who wish to discover the wonders of Africa in style. May it be on a guided day trip around Cape Town, the Cape of Good Hope and the Cape Winelands or during an exclusive off-the-grid adventure into the remote wilderness areas of Southern Africa.

Small Groups

Every single person travelling with me is my personal VIP and that is why there is always a limit of how many people I take on a trip. If it is a guided self drive tour I restrict the number of vehicles coming along to five, if we travel in our comfortable tour bus no more than 10 people will be in the group.

Wildlife, Nature and Culture

My tours focus on the natural beauty, the stunning wildlife and diverse cultures of Africa. We meet the locals, make lifelong memories and share the excitement of an African adventure.

Choice of accommodation

The choice of accommodation depends on where we go and what your budget is. If we go "off-grid", there might not even be a toilet or shower available. On the other hand, there are four to five star lodges offering every bit of luxury you can imagine. The choice is yours !


Photo Ventures Namibia

Photo Ventures Namibia 

We offer unique eco-friendly photographic tours of one of the most diverse and scenic countries on the African continent. We specialize in Sandwich Harbour tours, Kayak marine tours, Marine Dolphin boat tours and Kiteboarding tours in Namibia.

We can also custom make a tour for you to any destination in Namibia or neighboring countries

Photo Ventures Namibia was established in 2009, and is a registered Tour Operator with the Namibian Tourism Board. The core focus of our company is to provide educational, photographic and sightseeing tours in the Namib Desert as well as ocean & other combo excursions.

Our tours are not adrenaline rides and we do not condone wild and reckless driving in the desert areas. We also ensure that we do not drive in vegetated or environmentally and culturally sensitive areas. Visitors also walk on specific parts of the track, and no vegetation, fauna or other features in the desert are disturbed, moved or picked up.

Shizi Safaris

Shizi Safaris

Karibu / Welcome - If your vision of Africa is of wildebeest crossing the river in Serengeti, an Arab dhow sailing into Zanzibar, a million pink flamingos, Maasai people guarding their cattle, or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and gorilla trekking, then Tanzania is where this vision becomes reality with our well experienced, Arusha based tour operator who is 100% owned and operated by Tanzanian locals. We always make sure the local community is benefited from our responsible Tanzania travels, trekking and hiking tours as well as wildlife safaris or cultural excursions.

Established in 2012, Shizi Safaris provides sustainable travels at good value for your money. Our unique and unforgettable quality tours in Tanzania are designed for adventure seekers and holiday makers alike, who wish to unwind and relax. We can guide you from the depths of the crater of Ngorongoro to the highest point in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. Awaken to a different world on hiking tours followed by a tailor-made wildlife safari in Tanzania, with camping or lodge accommodation. If you are looking for a family holiday in Tanzania, a honeymoon and beach holiday in Zanzibar or a cultural day trip with very knowledgeable guides, you will be in best hands with Shizi Safaris.

Because we know you’ve got things you would love to do, places you would love to see, cultures you would like to jump into and memorable adventures to experience, we customize each tour itinerary to suit your wishes. Our packages are completely based around your interests, schedule and budget.

We are a trusted and passionate tour specialist who professionally handles individual travels as well as guided group tour arrangements. Shizi Safari is committed to provide you with an amazing, unforgettable experience at the highest level service within East Africa and strive to surpass your expectations. We have our team 24/7 ready to help you plan your perfect trek or safari in Tanzania.

Tamasha Afrika

Tamasha Afrika 

Ready your cameras to capture the wisdom in the elephant’s stride, the excitement in a Lion hunt, the breathtaking speed in the cheater’s pursuit of its prey, the giraffe’s elegant grace and much more.

Whether it is a photo safari in Kenya, a vacation in Uganda, mountain climbing in Tanzania, a beach holiday in Zanzibar or cultural trips, capture Africa's animal kingdom with your camera, experience professional, personalized service, good rates and more.

Tamasha is a Swahili word for amusement, leisure or any activity with an aim to entertain. Tamasha Afrika LTD is your premier leisure and tour facilitator throughout East Africa and its islands. We have a strong base in our years of experience and our unwavering commitment to excellent service.

We pride ourselves in our high level of professionalism from when we start to correspond with you, to your arrival, stay and eventual departure from East Africa. Our experienced bilingual guides and drivers are always more than happy to take you on a trip in Africa. With them, you are sure of having a most memorable African vacation. We at Tamasha Afrika LTD have been brought together by our love for the continent.

Why Choose Africa?

Our peoples, their cultures and its flora and fauna constitute the poetry to be found only in Africa. Where night is not just the absence of daylight but a whole new world to be explored. Let your eyes wonder through the naked sky, look out for the shooting star that brings with it a message of good tidings. Unplug your ears, free your mind of all clutter, this is when the nightingale sings, the hyena cries, even laughs at its many fortunes and misfortunes in the African wild. The lion’s roar at a distance is sobering sometimes spine chilling; the stealth of the leopard leaves a lot to your imaginations. Even the cricket and its many cousins join in to sing you to sleep. The African night symphony.

Thuru Photo Safaris

Thuru Photo Safaris 

If you have a strong interest in the flora and fauna (including big game) of Africa, then you can capture them on photo safaris in the private Thuru Lodge game reserve, which is located in South Africa's Green Kalahari near Groblershoop, an hour from Upington.

The unique variety of vegetation types, which are broadly classified into Nama Karoo, Kalahari and Karoo mountain vegetation, runs for 45,000 acres and therefore a wide variety of fauna and flora can be seen and experienced.

You and your family can also take part in game drives and bush walks and relax by the pool or in the wellness area of ​​the exclusive Game Lodge.

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